COVID-19 Resources

The resources shared here represent the work of the Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative to respond to the immediate needs of early childhood educators and families in Wyoming during the COVID-19 school closures. They were intended to support early childhood programs as they helped families focus on learning at home. What we know about high quality early childhood programs is that they prioritize learning partnerships with families at all times, not just in moments of crisis.  We hope you use these resources, and important lessons learned from COVID-19, to embrace a greater commitment to partnering with families to support their child’s learning at home.

WyECPLC Resources

Tools to support learning at home created by the Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative

Sharing Great Ideas

Great resources created by early childhood educators from around the state to support children and families learning from home

Web Resources

Hand selected web resources for families and early childhood programs to support young children's learning at home

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