Completing an Independent Book study

Getting started with independent book studies.


Determine why you chose this book.

  • Does it address a need?
  • How does this book connect to your practice?
  • What are your learning goals?

Reflect on how you learn best.

  • Will you take notes, mark pages, highlight passages, etc.?
  • Who will you share your learning with?
  • Reach out to your WY ECPLC regional facilitator if you need additional support to make your learning successful.

Choose a resource to guide your reading and discussions. Options include:

  • WY ECPLC study guides (
  • Self-created guide
  • Use the tools available in your book as a guide. Answer questions, complete exercises, or fill out forms and surveys provided in the text you are studying.

Plan book study logistics.

  • What is an ideal pace to complete readings?
  • How will you support collaboration?
  • How will you link learning to practice?



Take time to reflect.

  • Did you notice any themes?
  • What was something that surprised you?
  • Is there anything you are unsure of?
  • What is something from this reading that you will put into practice right away?

Do a self-check.

  • What’s going well?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Do you need to make any changes to make your learning more successful?



Think about your experience.

  • Was this an effective way for you to learn?
  • What were some things that went well?
  • What were some things you’d do differently?
  • How did this learning opportunity change your practice?


Find someone you can share your learning with (a colleague, friend, family member, or your WYECPLC Regional Facilitator).

Determine next steps for your professional learning.